Think of Lord of the Flies by way of Freaks, a mix of horror and comedy with a nod to Psycho and a dash of Freud.

As Lon Chaney Jr. howls a spooky tune in the form of a child’s Halloween song, Spider Baby begins with animated cartoon figures amidst its opening credits.

The story follows a family of inbreeds who have been afflicted by a genetic disorder known as ‘Merrye syndrome’, named after the family in which the disorder developed.

‘Jack Hill’s uncategorisable cult nasty is part Old Dark House/Addams Family black comedy, part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, before the whole thing winds up somewhere in Eraserhead territory.’ David Cairns

‘This hilarious haunted house schlocker opens the doors on America’s demented, diseased history of horror, before burying it beneath the foundations of the genre’s next golden age.’
Anton Bitel

‘… one of the greatest blasts of creative B-movie inspiration to hit American drive-ins and grind houses.’ Sean Axmaker