When a young boy goes missing in a sleepy backwoods town, a local sanitation truck driver, Donald, plays detective, embarking on a precarious and obsessive investigation.

An edge-of-your-seat revenge thriller featuring a captivating performance from Andrew Scott (Sherlock) as Donald, a man with autism who works as a sanitation truck driver. Donald becomes obsessed with the disappearance of a young boy when it seems the police are colluding in some kind of cover up, and he decides to play detective. Set in Trump’s America, the film references many issues faced by the US under the current regime. Simon Fellows’ film is produced by Gareth Unwin, producer on The King’s Speech.

Written by Brendan Higgins and produced by Gareth Ellis-Unwin, Leon Clarance, Tai Duncan and Mark Williams, the film also features stars Denise Gough, Nolan Cook and Bronagh Waugh.