“You’re an accident waiting to happen,” replies Rachel to her ex-husband, Carver (Aiden Gillen), in writer/director Simon Blake’s gritty, surprisingly poignant thriller.

Her observation encapsulates the entire trajectory of the film, as Carver’s life disintegrates after burying his son, a victim of a supposed hit-and-run. Gillen’s magnetic presence compensates for his character’s irredeemable nature. He neglected his son when he was alive, and is now paying the price, so to speak. When a local street gang, led by young punk Carl (rapper Sonny Green in a remarkable feature debut), start terrorizing Carver, his thoughts turn to vengeance, leading to a powerful climax drenched in poetic irony. Blake draws connections between gang culture and indifferent parenting without becoming preachy, allowing provocative themes to emerge organically through the story itself.