Do you revel in killing and eating your own rats? Do you love smearing your victims' blood over your dead girlfriend's chest?

Then Roberta Findlay’s TENEMENT is the ultimatespolitation gigaviolencefest for you!

Stand by for the gory grimy 80s bronx siege epic to end all gory grimy 80s bronx siege epics. From the mind of America’s most notorious female exploitoporn director, coprogenitor of the infamous FLESH trilogy, comes her head-slappingly under watched action packed blood and graffiti smor-gore-asbord,  TENEMENT.
Like Night Of The living Dead, only gory!
Like Basket Case, only sleazy!
Like Assault On Precinct 13, only good!



Showing at BFF’s BeanBag Cinema, 23 Donegall Street, Belfast