An attractive stylish portrayal of shallow serial killer, based on a real life, baby-faced murderer in 1970s Argentina

Carlitos is a beautiful 17-year-old whose youthful appearance masks a criminal mastermind. When he starts at a new school, Carlitos meets his match in Ramon, a handsome rebel who shares his unlawful interests. As the pair embark on a breathless journey of theft and murder, the press dub Carlitos ‘The Angel of Death’, transforming him into a media sensation.

Bristling with vibrant energy this eccentric crime caper is a veritable feast for the senses, betraying a disturbing reality beneath the seductive punch of its immediate stylistic pleasures. The film doesn’t judge the crimes of its baby-faced anithero- instead it’s a subversively funny, cool take on the crime movie.


Ortega has a real eye for flashy, chaotic set pieces and a real ear for excellent Latin rock needle drops on the killer's Scorses-inspired soundtrack.