Belfast Film Festival


The Celluloid Man

Directed by Shivendra Singh Dungarpur


As part of Film Hub NI Cinema Day we present this fascination documentary.

This is the story of Mr P.K.Nair, a man who talks, eats, dreams and sleeps cinema. Lovingly known as Henri Langlois of India, P.K.Nair is the man behind archiving of many films in India.

Like the grown-up protagonist in 1988’s Cinema Paradiso, Nair is often glimpsed at whilst bathed in the glow of a flickering cinema screen as the film depicts a man with an all-consuming passion.  As physical film rapidly gives way to digital media, Celluloid Man’s illuminating and impassioned case for continual film preservation resonates deeply.

In the Celluloid Man we have a delightful and insightful documentary that is above all else a love letter to cinema itself.