An exuberant and wildly inventive satire on the Apollo Space Programme by David Edgar.

Two astronauts perform the first ever live variety show from the moon while television pundits provide a commentary.

Events, however, take a more sinister turn when the astronauts decide to ‘drop in’ on an ordinary English family. At turns both funny and unnerving,

The Eagle Has Landed represents the kind of socially critical and formally experimental television drama that it is hard to imagine could be made today (and even then it was only considered safe to show it at 11.25pm)!

Programmed by John Hill, Late Night Theatre, Granada 1973.

Written by David Edgar. Directed by Colin Cant.
With Weston Gavin (Bull Johnson), Lon Satton (Lunar module pilot), Mary Chester (Mother), John Moore (Father), Zoe Wanamaker (Alice), Roland Curran (Roger), James Warrior (Basil).