A one-handed master film editor toiling in the cinematic sweatshops of 1970s Italy, becomes the prime suspect in a series of brutal murders, in this loving tribute to/parody of the gory giallo thrillers of Mario Bava and Dario Argento.

Once a revered master, film editor Rey Ciso (Brooks, doing his best Franco Nero) lost four fingers on his right hand due to his arrogance. Now equipped with a clumsy wooden prosthetic, he’s been reduced to slaving like a dog in the cinematic sweatshops of 1970s Italy. When actors from the film he’s editing are brutally murdered, Rey is the prime suspect. With a persistent detective hot on his trail and a handsome, knife-wielding actor always nearby, Rey must fight to clear his name.

Imitating giallo’s inimitable tone and texture through dramatic zooms, off-kilter dubbing and, of course, heavy-handed psycho-sexual eroticism, writer-director duo Brooks and Kennedy have a heady cocktail that’s equal parts loving tribute and outrageous parody.