30 year old Rikard is autistic and disabled. To deal with the challenges of life, he escapes into a fantasy world where he is a 50 metre tall giant.

Rikard is constantly teased for the way he looks – everything from ‘Jabba The Hutt’ to ‘The Elephant Man’ are taunted at him and he’s as equally tortured by the loss of his mother from whom he was separated at birth. He longs to be united with her, and has got into his head that he will be if he is able to win the Scandinavian Championship trophy in his beloved sport. His mother, meanwhile, is secluded in what appears to be sheltered housing, her only company some of her son’s petanque trophies, an accordion and a cockatoo. Intent with getting to the championship finals, Rikard overcomes every obstacle, helped along the way by a mysterious 50-foot giant which bears more than a resemblance to himself. What follows is an inspiring, sometimes difficult watch of following your dreams, hanging on to what you love and the value of friendship.

A Scandinavian oddity that is genre-less – an exceptional piece of original filmmaking from Johannes Nyholm. PAUL HEATH, LFF

The film moves deftly between humour and poignancy, generating a strong emotional response in its quieter moments. EYE FOR FILM