After serving a prison sentence at a juvenile detention centre John (Ulrik Munther) returns to his home village to start a new life. But, as it turns out, his old crimes are neither forgotten nor forgiven.

Incarcerated after committing a brutal crime of passion against an ex-girlfriend, John struggles to explain his motives, even to himself, recalling the event like a sleepwalking episode. Churned up by complex feelings of guilt and resentment, he risks serious retribution by returning to the scene of the crime. Shamed family and vengeful ex-friends can barely stand to be near him and a lynch-mob mentality begins to simmer among the townsfolk. Feeling abandoned by his former friends and the people he loves, John loses hope and the same aggressions that previously sent him to prison start building up again. Unable to leave the past behind, he decides to confront it.

Swedish writer/director Magnus von Horn plots cause and consequence with patient precision: his tale of crime, culpability and rough justice leaves a more lingering impression for it.