For this UK & IRELAND PREMIERE, we are delighted to bring Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney and director Nick Hamm to take part in a Q and A following the screenings.

Presented by Belfast Film Festival, and Movie House Cinemas.

Timothy Spall (Ian Paisley) and Colm Meaney (Martin McGuinness) star in this dramatisation of the events preceding the historic 2006 St. Andrews Agreement. The Journey is a fictional account of the negotiations between the two political adversaries that transpired, not in some hallowed hall but, rather, in a minivan traversing the Scottish countryside.

The charismatic Meaney and Spall embody these two contentious political figures as real live people, with all their tics and foibles – and what’s more, they show us how these mortal enemies came to see each other’s human sides.

“The Journey is a great movie about working towards a selfless goal. Both men know they’ll be vilified by their supporters if they choose peace, but they also know peace is the only way to survive in the long term. Paisley and McGuinness may never have had the conversation depicted in the film, but the core of this fictitious meeting is one worth watching.”


“The Journey is overall a great character study with outstanding performances by Meaney and Spall. The writing, the humor and pace …are thought provoking and more than relate to several political cultures across the world today.”
“It’s a celebration, by two splendid actors, of the art of political theater.”