A look through the eyes of a Barista serving coffee from a little Coffee Kiosk in the centre of Belfast.

This is a Belfast story served up via interviews on a daily basis with the local pensioners, office workers, historians, poets, some of Belfast’s homeless and a charismatic Parisian who feels Belfast is his new home and in light of Brexit, is in two minds to return home to Paris.

Director Biography – Neal Hughes

Over the Past 6 years Neal has worked on and off in film production whilst training to become a Music Therapist. Neal has mainly worked as an onset Artist or in Props. This is Neal’s debut as a Director. The Kiosk was mostly shot by Neal with help of his colleague Gavin McCauley who assisted in shooting time lapses and consultant on editing. The film was shot over two summers and is a unique view of street life from a little kiosk in which Neal worked as a Barista.