Your chance to experience the Matrix at the Sonic Arts Research Lab ( A venue some consider ‘cinema for the ear’) in a full dolby Atmos mix.

20 years old the Wachowskis’ sci-fi spectacle is every bit as impressive now as it was then. Perhaps more so, thanks to Warner’s incredible 4K Ultra HD edition featuring an all-new and glorious Dolby Atmos soundtrack. This Atmos track kicks everything up to 11. Dialogue is crystal clear, bass is incredibly deep and tight when called for, and bullet time takes on added dimension with the new height channels in the mix. And just try not to grin as empty shell casings rain down from above as Neo empties his mini-gun at the Agents guarding Morpheus. The ensuing helicopter flight, ending with Trinity practically crashing through the screen into your listening space is pure sonic bliss. Looking for the ultimate Dolby Atmos. SARC is home to the world famous Sonic Laboratory. Often remarked as a ‘cinema for the ear’. The Sonic Lab is a specialist acoustic space designed to provide a unique and exciting listening experience, in fact, the auditory equivalent of an IMAX cinema. Forty-eight loudspeakers, strategically located, will project and move sounds throughout the space, including underneath the audience. No other auditorium for sonic art performance and experimentation currently exists with this revolutionary feature.