In the mountain city of Medellin, a group of young disenchanted dreamers are united by wanderlust, street art and music.

Winner of the Venice Film Festival Critics’ prize, The Nobodies depicts Colombia’s anarcho-punk scene through five friends who juggle at traffic lights, play in bands and tattoo one another, all the while striving to escape poverty and social unrest. Monochrome cinematography and a fast, heavy soundtrack imbue the film with a youthful anger that’s entirely in keeping with it’s characters.

Camilo, Mechas, Manu, Ana and Pipa are five friends going through that blended trance of intense unrest, sense of astonishment, contained tenderness and manifested rage that is typical of the end of adolescence. They survive at the edges, both physical and symbolic, of a city, Medellin, that both attracts and excludes them, that lure them with promises but rejects them with hostility. Nevertheless, they want to embrace this city and fight against its logics of fear.  Music, street art and friendship are their weapons of resistance that fuel their hope for a rite of passage that could transform them into someone else.

Landforms is a series of world cinema screenings from Belfast Film Festival with different seasons showing four contemporary films from countries through which a particular geographical feature extends. The February season, #3 showcases new films from the Andes. All screenings take place in the Beanbag Cinema in Donegall Street.