Like some distant relative of The Cable Guy, The Plumber is part Pinteresque bathroom sink drama and part Ozploitation home invasion.

Made on a budget of $150,000 for Australia’s Channel 9 in 1979, The Plumber is one of Peter Weir’s lesser seen films, but no less an example of the intrigue, mystery and dread that characterised his legendary other great films in the 70s and 80s; Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Cars That Ate Paris, The Last Wave, The Mosquito Coast.
Telling the story of apparently routine maintenance gone awry. An academic couple’s life in their tower block apartment is interrupted as a workman they didn’t call starts trying to fix issues they didn’t know they had. Themes of power, class, education and toxic masculinity bubble to the surface until the pipes are the least of their problems. Expect waterworks.