The Survivalist tells the tale of a ruthless loner who lives off a small plot of land in post-collapse Northern Ireland. When two women find his cabin, the film becomes a tense thriller as food and trust quickly run into short supply.

‘The Survivalist’ is the feature debut of local filmmaker Stephen Fingleton, whose Oscar shortlisted film SLR screened at Belfast in 2014.

Shot entirely on location in Ballymoney and Bishopscourt, the film boasts beautiful naturalistic photography from cinematographer.

Damien Elliott and a trio of outstanding lead performances from Belfast actor Martin McCann (’71’, ‘Clash Of The Titans’, ‘Shadow Dancer’), the enigmatic Mia Goth (‘Nymphomaniac’) and legendary Irish theatre actress Olwen Fouéré (‘This Must Be The Place’). Ryan McParland, star of BBC Northern Ireland’s show Six Degrees also appears in a late, key role.