The poster for “The Tingler” issued an ominous warning: “When the screen screams you’ll scream too if you value your life!”

A doctor (Vincent Price) discovers that fear generates the Tingler, a centipede-like parasite that quickly grows in the base of the human spine. The organism can kill its host if its grip is not released, which only a loud scream can accomplish. “The Tingler” manages to provide camp fun and macabre horror in equal measure, offering an unexpected LSD-trip scene, a memorable color sequence, a disgusting monster, and a gleeful streak of ghoulishness.

Famed for his outlandish theatrical tricks, Castle created Percepto to accompany the original screenings of “The Tingler,” and this presentation will feature a version of the gimmick.

So be forewarned: The Tingler will be loose in the darkened Beanbag Cinema and you’ll be required to scream for your lives!