Be sure to click 'like' and then utterly fail to bother to attend this screening of VERMILLION EYES, Nathan Schiff's harrowing, interdimensional 8mm masterclass on how to divine solid gold from one's own steaming excrement.

Unconsciously or not, Schiff channels JG Ballard, Michael Powell, Lewis Klahr, The Spence Brothers and Peter Stringfellow to elevate this potentially inept and plot pointless, inside-the-mind-of-a-killer routine way way way way way way way way way way way out of the body soaring toward a bloodspattered misogynistic extraterrestrial psychorealm. VERMILLION EYES is gigantically self-important stock music choices piled over ludicrous gore effects across a timeline as blurred and indefinite as the small gauge film footage it’s captured on.

Yes, this is mean spirited, sensationalist, egomaniacal drivel.

Yes, this a shoddily connected and unending chain of unspeakable acts of violence against women (coincidentally UFO’s description of much of Alfred Hitchcock’s work).

Yes, this is a powerful nihilistic hallucinatory journey straight through the meaningless void of human existence to the very centre of the universe.

Just like the opening credit warns, stand by for visceral entertainment…