Accusations that grimy Bavarian VHS nullfest Violent Shit was chosen for the next UFO presentation solely on the basis of it being called Violent Shit (and starring a K Butcher Shitter) are, of course, wildly accurate.

Yes, Violent Shit is indeed a late 80s German zero-fi magnetic video tape abortion constructed almost entirely from stonewashed denim, unfortunate yet inevitable post adolescent rape fantasy, mullets and wildly unrealistic but still hugely offensive gore effects. And yet, from the spaces between these seemingly idiotic and worthless building blocks beams an eighth dimensional mandalic broadcast – a kind of fake blood hypno wave which can take the unwitting viewer past the pain of enduring 72 minutes of repetitive synthdrone and tapeloop murder subroutines and into a new world of electroharmonic consciousness and cyclopean knowledge. That or leave the theatre due to total boredom.
For Khanate fans only.