During Docs Ireland we will feature virtual reality (VR), showing extraordinary works over three days; works that demonstrate the current capability of immersive technology in the hands of pioneering designers, both locally and internationally.

How do you experience VR at the Docs? Simply make a booking online for a 1 hour session. On arrival you can select the content you want to see. Visit the Film Studio at Queens which we have converted into a VR studio with comfortable seating to experience the films. Booking is a £5 per session. Donation covers cost of technician and venue.

This 13-minute immersive documentary explores the psyche, and post-prison life of Rickey Jackson, who was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1975 and served 39 years in prison until the Ohio Innocence Project helped exonerate him in 2014.

Based on the Oscar short-listed Participant Media documentary Zero Days, Scatter’s award-winning, immersive documentary Zero Days VR visualizes the story of Stuxnet in a new way: placing you inside the invisible world of computer viruses, experiencing the high stakes of cyber warfare at a human scale. Zero Days VR explores the next chapter of modern warfare through the true story of Stuxnet: the first cyber weapon in the world known to cause real-world physical damage.

In September 1943, BBC war correspondent Wynford Vaughan-Thomas boarded a Lancaster bomber with his recording engineer and a microphone. Join the crew to fly to the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe, as they endure endless flak and a night fighter attack. Listen to the original recordings documenting the terrible ordeal – a major night-time bombing raid over Berlin, described by Vaughan-Thomas as “the most beautifully horrible sight I’ve ever seen”.

Travel to Kiribati, an island in the middle of the Pacific, and observe its peoples’ daily life as they battle against rising sea levels.