While You Live, Shine is the story of how an American record collector’s obsession with the oldest music in Western Europe changed his life.

American musicologist Chris King is legendary in his field. His collection of and passion for old 78 records is inspiring, as is his ability to use modern technology to unlock their sonic secrets. But his discovery of the music of Epirus in northern Greece was to transform King’s life, and the raw folk music he believes connects us with our most ancient ancestors prompted him to travel to the region. What emerges is some of the most hypnotic and stirring music you’ve never heard.

“Those discs stand before me like the black monoliths in 2001:A Space Odyssey” intones King at one point, and it’s to the filmmakers’ great credit that the incidental allusion to that great evocation of awe doesn’t seem altogether untoward. He describes them as “this mysterious source of dark, unnatural power”, and as Duane and his team shrewdly cede the film to extended village celebrations for moments at a time, it’s difficult to disagree that there’s something sublime in sharing this ancient art. SCANNAIN.COM