A land surveyor gets lost in the malevolent woods in this moody eco-horror chiller from debuting Irish director Lorcan Finnegan.

Eric (Alan McKenna) is a land surveyor in the throes of a midlife crisis. His marriage is fractured and his son barely acknowledges him, so he’s more than willing to get away from his family when a mysterious client sends him on a prolonged survey excursion in a dense forest. But deep in the woods, the comforting predictability of Eric’s minimalist steel-and-concrete city life is replaced by Mother Nature’s chaotic embrace — and by something more sinister and not altogether natural.

An eco-terror version of Polanski’s The Tenant, Lorcan Finnegan’s feature debut depicts Ireland’s woods as a verdant nightmare steeped in dread. McKenna’s emotionally invested performance as the obsessively meticulous surveyor keeps the viewer off balance, and Finnegan uses creative optical tricks that seem to make the forest ominously breathe and expand as it absorbs the psyche of his protagonist. Be sure to pack a compass, for you will surely get lost in in this creepy, arboreal thriller. COLIN GEDDES