World Of Tomorrow is one of the best pieces of filmmaking of the past decade, something you need to see immediately if you haven’t already. It’s weird and funny and heartbreaking and profound.

Part 1: Stick- figure animations embark on a kaleidoscopic journey through an abstract vision of the future.

Part 2: Emily Prime is talking to herself as she draws on the floor, until she is visited by a third-generation clone of herself.

Don Hertzfeldt is an American animator, writer, and independent filmmaker. He is a two-time Academy Award nominee. In 2014, his work appeared on The Simpsons. Eight of his short films have competed at the Sundance Film Festival, a festival record.


Hertzfeldt crafts a vision of the future with more detail and depth than any feature length sci-fi in recent memory.
100% on Rotten Tomatoes, what more of a review do you need?