Thank you to everyone who made a submission to this year’s NI Screen Pitch. We had a record number of submissions and it was very difficult to shortlist down to just six projects.

Docs Ireland, Northern Ireland Screen are offering a chance for documentary makers, from established filmmakers to new and emerging talent, to receive an award of up to £7,500 towards a pilot for a documentary feature.

The shortlisted projects, listed below, will present their project at a public pitch at Docs Ireland where they will receive feedback from a panel of leading documentary industry players.

  • Live pitch will take place on Thursday 26th November 

Thank you to our sponsor Yellowmoon for their support to deliver this event.



Confirmation Bias (Working Title)

Directed by Nicky Larkin, Producer Emma-Rosa Dias

Two opposing narrators depart on seperatejourneys to present alternative answers to a provocative question…who are the Irish, and where did we cone from? Ultimately leaving the viewer to decide which version of the truth they prefer.

Searching For Space

Directed by Cara Holmes, Produced by Evan Horan

An intimate portrayl of a community of activists, creative artists and misfits told through lesbian lines – one of teh oldest LGBT + helplines in the world.

Shay: The life and Campaigns of Shay Cullen

Directed by Mia Mullarkey, Produced by Collie McCarthy

Fr. Shay Cullen has spent five decades rescuing exploited children from the sex industry and adult prisons in the Phillippines. This feature documentary is an intimate portrait of a humanitarian hero.

Smokin’ Joe’s Irish Knockout!!

Directed by Gerard Stratton & Joe Lindsay, Produced by Eamon Devlin

Heavy – weight Champion of the World Joe Frazier embarked on a musical tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles. With disastrous results.

The Last Balkan Cowboy

Directed by Dragana Jurisic, Produced by Anna Rodger & Zlata Filipovic

In search of cult hero Hari Dzekson, a Balkan Western film director, Dublin based and Croatian-born artist and photographer Dragana Jurisic retraces his mythical story, and decides to reenact one of his films using the local population as actors from both sides of the ethnic divide. Returning to the home which she fled, she follows a ghost through a county of Yugoslavia that has long since disappearred.

Force Drift

Directed by Tom Besley

A reconstruction of events surrounding a secretive British torture programme in Northern Ireland frames an examination of the evolution of state violence.


Full criteria for the Northern Ireland Screen Pitch is available here