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To See A Lighthouse

Directed by Will McConnell

A man steals his deceased friend's laptop and starts to explore it's contents. So begins a poetic meditation on the meaning of friendship, loss, mourning and humanity in the digital age.

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To See A Lighthouse 1
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Too Late

The Occasional Man

The Occasional Man is an immersive film installation following the protagonist 'Duncan', a recently retired Glaswegian embarking on a failed attempt to become an actor. The audience will be guided through scenes from his disillusioned life, across several rooms of the former UTV Studios at Havelock House.

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The Occasional Man 2
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 12noon - 5pm £FREE


Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery

An escaped buffalo stirs up a frenzy of aggression in a small rural Indian village. Get ready to be gored by cinema’s horns, trampled under a stampede of deliciously grotesque, fleshy imagery and tossed aloft on a buffalo-snort of bravado because Lijo Jose Pellissery’s utterly bonkers “Jallikattu” is here to pummel you into submission.

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A Bend in the River

Directed by Colin Broderick

A writer returns home to Ireland, after spending twenty-five years in New York, to confront the ghosts of his past. To make sense of the Northern Ireland he remembers as a child, in comparison with the place he finds it upon his return, still minus a united Ireland.

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A Bend in the River 1
6:45pm £6.50/£4