Belfast Film Festival in partnership with Féile an Phobail present 66 Days, a film by Brendan Byrne

‘I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God have mercy on my soul.’ Bobby Sands, 1st March 1981

With these words, IRA volunteer Bobby Sands began his hunger strike on March 1st 1981. 66 DAYS tells the factual story of Bobby Sands’ life for the first time on film. Using eye-witness testimony, unseen archive, reconstructions and animation, this cinematic odyssey serves as both the definitive account of a self-created Irish martyr and a seismic moment in 20th century Irish history, the legacy of which we continue to live with today. Sands own words form the heart of the film, through his many poems, letters and ‘comms’ all penned inside prison, and in particular, his personal diary which he kept for the first 17 days of his hunger strike.

Belfast premiere screening on Saturday 30th July at Omniplex Cinema, Kennedy Centre Advanced preview screenings at 7pm on 3rd and 4th August at the Omniplex, Kennedy Centre. Tickets £8.

Bobby Sands: 66 Days will be on general cinema release from 5th August.

Twitter: @66DaysTheFilm