This collection of short films focuses on the work of three filmmakers - Nazli Dinçel, Mónica Savirón and Treasa O'Brien.

Vastly different in style, the films in this programme cover diverse subjects such as mirroring and illusion, the legacy of colonialism and slavery, the strength of printed word and image in news media, migration and displacement, and intimate sexual relationships. All the films use form and texture to convey the emotion of a certain place and time while revealing new ideas with surprising clarity and universal scope.

Answer Print 
Dir. Mónica Savirón
2016, 5mins
In this collage of recycled celluloid, the deterioration of image and sound is reflected in the rhythm of the film. A daring use of colour and optical tracks, the film also evokes classical Hollywood and the age of printed film. The film is entitled Answer Print, which was the name of the first version of a motion picture printed to film after colour correction and sound properly synced.
Dir. Treasa O’Brien
2016, 11mins
An experimental documentary in which O’Brien uses a single static shot to create a modern-day tableau. Young men watch footage of themselves landing on a Greek island after travelling from Syria in a small boat. Their journey is already epic, but their discussion of the TV show Vikings and O’Brien’s use of coloured speech bubbles instead of subtitles gives them a superhero quality.
Her Silent Seaming
Dir. Nazli Dinçel
2014, 11mins
Dinçel’s work often merges her personal truths with striking images and use of text. A skilled craftsperson with 16mm film, she hand-scratches the images to reconstruct a lucid psychological state. This film is a transcription of what she was told during intimate experiences while separating from her husband. A pomegranate is cut and pulled apart.



Video artist Laura O’Connor will perform as part of a pop-up live stream for the Belfast Film Festival on Saturday 8th April. Laura’s practice explores female representation on social media and how performative art practices infiltrate these networks. Recent solo and group shows include ‘On the Internet everybody knows you’re a girl’ at QSS, Belfast; ‘This Frontier so Familiar so Strange’ at Article Gallery Birmingham; The Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition at The Ulster Museum, Belfast.

For released information about the pop-up location and time of the performance visit