Richard Kelly’s cult classic is given the live score treatment by French musician Radiomentale.

A mixture of fantasy film, gothic surrealism and the teen movie. “Donnie Darko” is one of the most unusual, surprising and successful films of the new Hollywood school.

Set during the 1980s, Director Richard Kelly uses music with humour and nostalgia, with a series of tunes from the era (Joy Division, The Waterboys, Tears For Fears, The Church, Echo & The Bunnymen).

Cinemix RadioMentale’s live soundtrack version carries the film even further, in an atmosphere of rock, electro & electronica.


Since 2000, they are known as the pioneers of cinemix, an audiovisual performing practise popular in France. A RadioMentale performance or sound piece, is usually a collage drawing on an eclectic range of audio sources, including sound experiments, movie soundtracks, ambient music, experimental
& electronic music, natural sounds, fragment of interviews and human voice.