A former IRA member’s story comes to vivid, brutal life in Maurice Sweeney’s hybrid documentary.

Dolours Price, the infamous IRA radical convicted of bombing England’s Old Bailey in 1973, granted a series of revealing interviews in 2010 on the strict condition of their posthumous release. The interviews, brought to life through vividly cinematic reenactments, uncover the birth of her fierce commitment to Irish Republicanism. Price revisits the bombing and the 200-day hunger strike that followed, and discusses her role in the disappearances of some suspected Republican informants.

Set against her haunting testimonial are vivid fictional re-enactments masterfully interspersed with documentary footage. Ultimately Price’s turbulent life mirrors the violent, complex history of Northern Ireland’s long civil conflict.

The Director and Producer Ed Maloney will take part in a Q&A following the screening.