We are delighted to announce that Robert Carlyle will introduce this film, personally chosen by him as one of his best, and under-appreciated films.

Robert Carlyle’s central turn is poignant and powerful in this tale of loyalty, loss and the destructive effects of social exclusion.

Shaun and Daz are vibrant kids, wasted by their experience of education. All they have is their friendship and for Shaun his first love Katy. From the moment Shaun steps into our world he is bound to lose. Labelled as a violent bully he destroys himself and takes Daz with him.

Shaun has twelve years to reflect on an intense summer of love, sex and loyalty. But Daz’s imminent death forces Shaun to go on a journey to confront his past. This is the story of a man full of intelligence and promise struggling to reclaim his life.


Carlyle’s central turn is one of the year’s most poignant and tear-jerking acting displays
Sharply written with an award-winning performance from Robert Carlyle, this is an engaging drama that packs a powerful emotional punch.