Belfast Film Festival

November 2020



We're delighted that Alex Cox and Mark Cousins have both given us their blessing for this series of screening at the Belfast Film Festival's Beanbag Cinema.

Moviedrome was the classic BBC2 movie series where a cult movie was introduced before it was shown. For many of a certain age it was their first introduction to outer limits of cinema, Moviedrome first showed up in 1988 when director Alex Cox hosted the introductions. Cox hosted Moviedrome till 1994. In 1997 the show returned from the dead with movies chosen and introduced by Mark Cousins.

A Moviedrome film will always be "special". Alex Cox described the selection as ‘oddities and gems’; Mark Cousins described his choices as "movies you won't forget". We’ve picked one film from each season of Moviedrome, starting in 1988 and ending in 2000. Some of these screenings will feature the original introductions from Cox and Cousins. Enjoy…!

Sorry, we have no films in this category