Eat Your Children is a provocation, an inside-out activist film, a film that attempts to document the invisible.

It is a road-trip quest by two friends who emigrated from Ireland during the financial crash of 2008 and who have now returned to probe Ireland’s so-called acceptance of debt and austerity.

The film takes its title from Jonathan Swift’s 1729 satire, ‘A Modest Proposal’, where he proposes poor families sell their youngest children to rich landlords on a meat market as a means of tackling Ireland’s economic problems. The title hints bluntly at the infamous promissory notes of contemporary Ireland; the debt burden that will be carried by children today well into their adulthood and for an economic crisis not of their making.

Through the road trip, they try to understand Ireland’s identity crisis in the wake of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ and how history and culture affects their attitudes to resistance. Are Irish people really content to pay off private debts of a dead bank? And pass that burden onto their children to boot?

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Treasa O’Brien