Day two kicked off with the opening of our VR Studio (open right through the festival). Audience reaction has been brilliant so far, ‘virtual reality is out of this world!!! Just got back from landing on the moon!!!’ Can’t recommend enough.’ Spaces still left so why not give it a try.

Our residency the QFT began last night with Photo City, Beast, Jeune Femme, The Other Side of Everything and the wonderful On Chisel Beach.

Die Hexen presented the debut short film Am I Dead and reimagined the score for Kenneth Anger’s cult classic The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome at the Strand Arts Centre.

Finally the night ended with live performances from the Elvis Dead at the Black Box. It was most certainly ‘groovy in the ghetto’ and the hypnotic and unsettling soundtrack to The Unknown in Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church by Geier Hitch.