In view of the ongoing global health crisis, we have decided to reschedule Docs Ireland 2020.  We’re gutted, because we had great things to announce, but the projections suggest that Covid-19 infections might peak in June, when our events were due to take place.

Like other organisations, we’ll explore the possibility of offering online treats for documentary lovers in June, and as soon as we are able to assess the situation properly, we will decide on new dates. In the meantime, we will process refunds for all accreditations purchased.

Thanks to our great staff, the commitment of the filmmakers and the vibrancy of the documentary scene in Ireland and further afield, Docs Ireland hit the ground running in its first year, 2019.  It was great fun and gave us what Kim Longinotto calls “the shock of understanding.” Our passion for understanding the world through non-fiction film will get us through the storm.

Keep safe and join us in social distancing and self-isolation, sticking together by staying apart.

I want to make films where the audience gets close to another individual and feels a shock of understanding.

Kim Longinotto