Belfast Film Festival is very excited to welcome Aamir Khan, award-winning director, critically acclaimed actor and producer, on his first ever visit to Ireland.

Aamir Khan’s prolific career covers over thirty years in film and his popularity reaches across India, China and the West.  He is one of the most important film talents of his generation and his work offers thoughtful, humanistic ruminations on important social issues. He is the master of balancing family entertainment with meaningful messages.

Khan is known for his far-reaching humanitarian work, and for bringing attention to critical world problems affecting children, the environment, poverty and human rights.

Do not miss this very special opportunity to see Aamir Khan in public conversation with author and Channel 4 Indian cinema curator Nasreen Munni Kabir.

“Many of us fell in love with film because of big-hearted movies like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and Tom Hanks’ ‘Big’.  That’s the sort of film that Aamir Khan makes.  His epic entertainments have the spirit of Frank Capra movies; he draws on the best of Hindi film.  He uses his stardom as boldly as Jane Fonda.  We are honoured that he will come to the Belfast Film Festival.  If you haven’t seen Aamir Khan’s films, treat yourself!”

Mark Cousins, Chair of Belfast Film Festival


Tickets are £12. For groups bookings of 10 people or more a 10% discount will be applied at checkout.

Tickets are also available to purchase from the venue website – Belfast Waterfront Hall