Movie House on Dublin Road was due to close it’s doors to the public on 26th April however due to the current global pandemic the cinema announced its early closure last Thursday.

We have been working with the Movie House since they opened their doors in 2007 – a huge chapter of this partnership has ended now with the closure of the Dublin Road cinema. We are very sad to see the cinema close, but are left with so many joyful and special memories.

Why not take a jog down memory lane to Dublin Road via our photo gallery here, revisit some of our highlights and maybe some of your favourite moments there. So many magic memories to choose from, John Cusack, Ken Loach, the premiere of Road, The Dig, Bump Along The Way, local premieres, special events and many many more.

To Michael McAdam and all his staff team, especially Nuala Stewart, Teri Kelly, Hugh Brown (now retired), Tamara, Peter, and all the Dublin Road crew, thank you for the movies and for the memories!