Belfast Film Festival, with Moviehouse and the Romanian Roma Community Association of Northern Ireland (RRCANI) invite you to a screening of: Gadjo Dilo (Crazy Stranger) on Monday 28th September, Moviehouse, Dublin Road, at 7pm.

Free Admission- but please email to secure your place. 

Roma culture and traditions are often misunderstood and misrepresented: it is vital to create environments for positive interactions to develop the self-esteem of the Roma people and offer authentic learning opportunities for the wider local communities.

This is the first in a series of events to promote the Roma culture and support community relations through film! 

Gadjo Dilo (Crazy Stranger) is the last in what some consider to be, director Tony Gatlif’s trilogy of Gypsy life. This bittersweet drama follows the induction of Stephane, a Parisian youth obsessed with a particular Gypsy song, into the colorful ways of Romany peasants.

Prejudice and racism is a major theme in Gadjo Dilo. The Romani people, so often accused of numerous crimes and demonized by outsiders, are shown as predominantly positive, yet wronged figures. They at first fear Stephane, accusing him much in the way they themselves are accused by the local non-Roma, fearing he will steal from them or kidnap the children (both are classic crimes associated with Romani, “Gypsy” people). Initially, their fears seem absurd, yet it becomes clear that these are the very prejudices that Romani people must endure every day.

Further screenings will take place between November 2015- March 2016, in The RRCANI Community Centre, The Crescent Arts Centre and the MAC.