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John Sayles and Maggie Renzi in Belfast

It has been a complete honour to have two Hollywood legends join us for the entire weekend in Belfast. John and Maggie have been so generous with their time and so thoughtful and insightful when talking about their collaborative filmmaking process and the independent and political nature of their filmography. They are welcome to visit us again in Belfast anytime.

John and Maggie were joined by Irish Times film critic Donald Clarke for an In Conversation on Saturday Night. They discussed their role as filmmakers, the difficulties they’ve faced as independent and political filmmakers in securing funding and distribution. They also discussed the ongoing SAG AFTRA strikes, the WGA strike and their hopes for the future of the film industry. They went on to discuss the ins and outs of the filmmaking process of some of the greatest films including THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH.

They went on to discuss this particular film further in their intro at the Avenue Cinema to a sold out crowd at a special one-off screening of THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH