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Haunted Screens at Haunted Scenes

In November we celebrated film and television’s ability to reveal our darkest desires and conjure the creatures of the night into being. Northern Ireland prepared for an unprecedented GOTHIC assault on the senses, with the Belfast Film Festival Haunted Screen, a series of site-specific screenings in some of Northern Ireland’s most eerie and unsettling locations. … Read Article →

Simonetti’s Goblin to perform at Belfast Film Festival

Belfast Film Festival has revealed one of the main attractions at this year’s festival will be a live soundtrack performance to Dawn Of The Dead by Simonetti’s Goblin. An extensive programme for this year’s festival is still being pieced together, but details and ticket arrangements for the Simonetti’s Goblin show have been confirmed due to… Read Article →

Belfast Film Festival presents Aurora, a programme of summer events

Last year we presented a series of site-specific screenings in venues throughout Belfast over the summer months. Imagine big screen action in the most unusual locations; at the Albert Clock, in a swimming pool and below sea level inside the Titanic Dry Dock. Running until the 31 August, the Aurora programme kicked off with a… Read Article →