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The 19th Belfast Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to all our winners this year! The winner of the Short Film Competition was Hold the Line. Written by, produced by and starring Laura O’Shea, and directed by Karen Killeen and Laura O’Shea, the film follows Em who works in a call centre. She faces a day that’s more difficult that the usual “customer… Read Article →

Day 10: Beats Closes the 19th Belfast Film Festival

The 19th Belfast Film Festival ended with another packed day before Brian Welsh’s euphoric Beats blasted the roof off Movie House, Dublin Road. We started the day with Fantasy of the Deer Warrior in the Beanbag cinema, the cover of this year’s festival, an epic Taiwanese drama from 1961. In the Black Box we were… Read Article →

Win Funding For Your Feature Documentary Pilot!

Northern Ireland Screen and Docs Ireland are offering a chance for documentary makers, from established filmmakers to new and emerging talent, to win an award of up to £7,500 towards a pilot for a documentary feature. You can pitch through a production company, or as an individual. If as an individual, we will help to… Read Article →

Day Nine: Glitz and Glam at the Titanic Ballroom

Day nine, the quietest day of the festival with only 4 events, but maybe the liveliest! We started off the day with Pillow Talk, 1959 Oscar-winning romantic comedy film, the penultimate film in our Rewind Series in the Movie House, Dublin Road. We also had another sold out Frasier tribute in the Black Box, Tossed… Read Article →

Day Eight: The Great Satan and Scrambled Eggs

Day eight of the 19th Belfast Film Festival. Classics, director Q&A’s, a Frasier tribute and more. We kicked off the day with a packed out screening of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the Movie House, Dublin Road; the 1969 classic about the leaders of a band of outlaws who find themselves on the… Read Article →

Review | Closing Night Film: Beats by Jemma Strain

For our closing night tomorrow evening (Saturday 20th April) in the Movie House Cinema, Dublin Road at 7pm we will be screening Beats . Limited tickets are still available here. Thanks to Jemma Strain ( for her review of the film. Beats (2019) Directed by Brian Welch You are about to enter a world of… Read Article →

Day Seven: Heavy Trip, The Matrix & More

Day seven of the Belfast Film Festival brought filmmaker Q&A’s, lots of excellent New Cinema from around the world and screenings of classics in class locations! We kicked off the day with a screening of Eighth Grade in the Movie House Dublin Road, Bo Burnham’s feature debut about an introverted teenager trying to survive her… Read Article →

Review | Heavy Trip by Jemma Strain

Heavy Trip (2018) Written and Directed by Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren Turo (Johannes Holopainen), a shy and taciturn fellow, resides in the same picturesque Finnish town that he grew up in. He rides his cost effective bike to work at the local asylum everyday. He has a crush on the girl-next-door florist. And he… Read Article →

Day Six: Aamir Khan Brings the House Down

Yesterday, one of the most anticipated events in this year’s programme, Aamir Khan: In Conversation, brought the house down in the Waterfront Hall. We were honoured that Aamir Khan, one of the BIGGEST stars of Indian Cinema, travelled from Mumbai to Belfast to take part in a rare public event. The hours before the event… Read Article →

Day Five: Half way there and plenty more to see!

Day Five, the halfway point of this year’s festival, kicked off with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Irish features, some excellent New Cinema and the much anticipated Film Devour. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the 1953 classic, screened in the Movie House Dublin Road as part of our new Rewind Section to a crowd of Over 65’s who all… Read Article →

Review | Satan’s Slaves by Jemma Strain

This evening (Tuesday 16th April) in the Beanbag Cinema at 9pm we will be screening the Indonesian horror, Satan’s Slaves. Limited tickets are still available here. Thanks to Jemma Strain ( for her review of the film. Satan’s Slaves (2017) With such a strongly characterising title as Satan’s Slaves you would be forgiven for assuming… Read Article →

Review: Float Like A Butterfly By Jemma Strain

Thanks to Jemma Strain ( for her review of the film. Float Like a Butterfly (2018) Frances is a girl with aspirations larger than her family, and a temper hotter than the fires that they warm themselves around in the evenings, entertaining each other by singing haunting renditions of traditional Irish songs. Her universe is… Read Article →

BFF19 Short Film Winner | Hold the Line

Laura O’Shea’s and Karen Killeen Hold the Line wins the top prize at the Belfast Film Festival’s 19th Short Film Competition. The highly anticipated Short Film Competition kicked off on Saturday 13th April as film lovers and makers were treated to 4 programmes of short films – 28 films in total! Judges Chris Martin (Indie… Read Article →

Day Three: Lenny Abrahamson is in the building!

Wow! What a day! Day 3 included award winning Irish director Lenny Abrahamson, more Robert Carlyle, the Short Film Competition, NI Independents, Pop Up Puppet Theatre, Empire Record, the Filmmakers Ball and more! Day 3 kicked off with a movie marathon of short films in the Queen’s Film Theatre, one of the most anticipated events… Read Article →