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Day Eight: Snowflake and Tigers!

Day 8 brought a whole host of special guests over to the festival, with many of them taking part in Q&A’s after screenings of their films. In a sold out screening of A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot, director Sinead O’Shea took part in an informative Q&A with a lively Belfast crowd, that… Read Article →

Day Seven: Hanging out with the IT Crowd!

Day 7 was chockablock full of Q&A’s, in conversation events and sing-a-longs! We were delighted to welcome Graham Linehan to discuss his career in a Q&A with Brian Henry Martin at the amazing Assembly Buildings Conference Centre. Graham, a four time BAFTA winner who is best known for some great comedy hits such as Father… Read Article →

Day Six: Ken Loach is in town!

On Day 6 of the Belfast Film Festival, we welcomed Ken Loach to Northern Ireland to receive the Réalta award for outstanding contribution to cinema. The atmosphere in Belfast was electric as one of the greatest filmmakers in the world went from venue to venue to take part in Q&A’s. Ken started off in St… Read Article →

Day Five: Bernadette McAliskey and Aoife McArdle sell out the QFT!

We are at the half way point of the 18th Belfast Film Festival and day 5 was packed to the brim with special events and guests! We were absolutely thrilled to welcome Irish Civil rights leader, feminist, socialist and elder stateswoman of anti-establishment politics, Bernadette McAliskey to our 50th Annniversary Screening of Agnès Varda’ Black… Read Article →

Good Girls Wins Gold!

Niamh McKeown’s Good Girls wins gold at Belfast Film Festival’s 18th Short Film Competition. The highly anticipated Short Film Competition kicked off on Saturday morning with judges Chris Martin (Indie Movies), Sarah Edge (Professor of Photography and Cultural Studies at UU), Joan Parsons (Head of QFT), Eoin Cleland (last year’s winner, Incoming Call) and Sarah… Read Article →

Day Three: Good Girls Gets Gold!

The Shorts competition is one of our favourite events in the Film Festival’s year – it’s a chance for us to get a measure of the talents of the filmmaking community in both the North and South of Ireland. QFT 1 was packed with filmmakers from all over the island, before they headed off to… Read Article →

Day Two: Elvis was in the building!

Day two kicked off with the opening of our VR Studio (open right through the festival). Audience reaction has been brilliant so far, ‘virtual reality is out of this world!!! Just got back from landing on the moon!!!’ Can’t recommend enough.’ Spaces still left so why not give it a try. Our residency the QFT… Read Article →

Day One: The 18th Belfast Film Festival has begun!

And we’re off! Belfast Film Festival is underway with a movie marathon of 118 premieres in a programme of 178 films ranging from features to short films to Virtual Reality (VR) – with titles drawn from 30 countries around the world! Opening the 18th Belfast Film Festival was Black 47, a gripping drama about Ireland… Read Article →

NI Independents – Class of 2018

Each year at the Belfast Film Festival we present a series of locally made feature and medium length films. Most of these projects were produced on micro-budgets, with the filmmaker’s own money and in their own time. Have a look at what’s on this year! Saturday 14th April The Pitts Family Circus, 9.15pm, Moviehouse Dublin… Read Article →

How To Festival!

Our chair of the Film Festival, Mark Cousins, recently took to Twitter to give some expert advice on how to festival – “Here’s how to do it: 2 films a night. Carb load during day – there’s no time for dinner in evening. See films you’ve never heard of. Get friendly with fellow moviegoers –… Read Article →

Music and Live Events at the 18th Belfast Film Festival

This year we are hosting a vast array of live music events, films that incorporate reimagined soundtracks, sing-a-longs and Q&A’s with musicians that have composed soundtracks! We have listed some of our favourites below: Friday 13th April DIE HEXEN: DIE HEXEN (Dianne Lucille Campbell) is an award winning composer, sound designer, vocalist, musician, visual and… Read Article →

The 18th Belfast Film Festival’s Virtual Reality Studio!

“That’s when the image got slightly blurry. The Oculus unit had shifted slightly on my face. I was smiling too big.” During the 18th Belfast Film Festival we will feature Virtual Reality (VR) for the first time in our pop up VR Studio! We’ve converted The Barracks theatre space into a VR studio with comfortable… Read Article →

Special Guests at the 18th Belfast Film Festival

At the 18th Belfast Film Festival we have a feast of actors, directors, writers, musicians, critics and producers from the UK, Mexico and Berlin to take part in various Q&A’s across Belfast. Here is a snapshot of the special guests joining us at this year’s festival. Click on the event to find out more about… Read Article →