Each year at the Belfast Film Festival we present a series of locally made feature and medium length films. Most of these projects were produced on micro-budgets, with the filmmaker’s own money and in their own time. Have a look at what’s on this year!

Saturday 14th April

Sunday 15th April

  • Our Father, 12pm, Beanbag Cinema: Tony and Marian Kelly have raised their children in accordance with God’s will. As they plan to retire to their dream home in the countryside, their children, now young adults, begin to stray from the path their parents set out for them.
  • The Solace of Orpheus, 23pm, Moviehouse Dublin Road: A couple from London attempt to salvage their failing relationship on walking holiday in the Mourne Mountains, but things do not go as hoped.
  • Poor Mouth, 2.15pm, Moviehouse Dublin Road: An animated adaptation of Flann O’Brien’s only novel written in Irish under the pseudonym of Myles Na gCopaleen, An Béal Bocht. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest Irish- language novels of the 20th century.
  • Cry Rosa, 5.15pm, Queens Film Theatre: A music obsessed mixed-race girl questions her identity when she becomes the victim of bullying in 1980’s Belfast.

Saturday 21st April

  • The Jar, 12pm, Beanbag Cinema: Jake banks his ambitions of being an astronaut inside a jar of coins. But there are those who would step all over his dreams. Can he still manage to make the giant leap?