The Belfast Film Festival caught up with ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ director Neil Edwards and John Harvey, one of the Process’ members.

Formed in 1960s in England, many of its members were drawn from wealthy families and aristocracy. Newspapers branded them the “Mindbenders in Mayfair” and “The Devil’s Disciples”. Ever since, members of The Process have adopted a secretive stance.

The film gets behind the veils of the cult and tracks their journey from their formation in London until their spread stateside that resulted in them being christened “one of the most dangerous satanic cults in America”.

‘The Process Church of the Final Judgement’ are associated with a long list of lurid conspiracy theories. The cult has been accused of being the inspiration for Charles Manson’s ‘crimes of the century’, influencing the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, and being the root of the notorious Son of Sam serial killings.