Saturday night saw enthusiatic hordes of Wicker Man fans gather at one of the country’s finest ancient sites, the Giant’s Ring.

The Ring, with a henge at its centre, dates from the Neolithic period and was built around 2700BC, predating the Egyptian pyramids.  Not only was the venue perfect, surprisingly … so was the weather!  A clear and mild autumnal night was enjoyed by the audience as they watched this classic film on the big screen.  The atmospheric setting , echoed to the music of the Armagh Rhymer’s who were in fine singin’ form as they performed pre-screening.  The audience was dotted with virgin policemen, wicker men and women, Rowan Morrisons and a range of weird and wonderful woodland animals.

And of course the fantastic Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland on the big screen – what more could a body ask for.