Docs Ireland is passionate about documentary in all its forms. We are really interested in supporting new filmmakers and discovering new talent.

So, we are very excited to be launching a new documentary-making competition for young people across the island of Ireland. The selected films will be screened during the second edition of Docs Ireland in June, 2020.

The film can take any form, from a standard talking-head format to a desktop video essay or more experimental piece. There are no budget limitations on entries, and your film can be made in any way you choose, even on your phone. What we want to see is innovative story-telling.

The film can be about anything that interests you, big or small. For example, someone you know, a place or community, an idea or question you would like to explore. It could even address global issues like climate change or human rights.

Docs Ireland is dedicated to equal representation on screen and behind the camera, and we welcome submissions from all who meet the criteria below.

Entries MUST:

  1. Be no longer than 5 minutes in duration.
  2. Have been completed after 1 April, 2019.
  3. Be an MOV, MP4 or Quicktime file (if you have any questions about formats contact
  4. Be submitted online via Film Freeway.

Entrants MUST be:

Aged 24 or under.

Based anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Deadline Tuesday 31 March, 2020.