Landforms is a series of world cinema screenings from Belfast Film Festival with different seasons showing four contemporary films from countries through which a particular geographical feature extends.

Our third season of Landforms features four new Spanish language films from the Andes region of South America.

In The Light On The Hill (23rd February, 8pm) the mysterious death of a mountain shepherd awakens greed and superstition in a remote Peruvian village. Full Details

Winner of 2016 Venice Film Festival Critics’ prize, The Nobodies (26th February, 6pm) is set in the mountain city of Medellin amongst a group of young disenchanted dreamers united by wanderlust, street art and music. Full Details 

To Kill A Man (5th March, 6pm) is a tense revenge thriller about a quiet family man turned blundering vigilante. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in the year of it’s release. Full Details 

Finally, Sealed Cargo (12th March, 6pm) is a dramatic and comedic adventure through the Bolivian Andes. It follows the fates of a group of people aboard a steam train transporting a cargo of toxic waste that turns out to be cursed. Full Details