We’re proud to be contributing to this year’s Pride festival with three new LGBT films- details below – or you can save the handy flyer at the bottom of this post for all the details!

First up is OUT TO WIN 

Moviehouse, Dublin Road. 7pm. Monday 27th July. £6.00

Out standing athletes on standing out.

From the director of Small Town Gay Bar and Conti- nental, Out to Win is a documentary film that serves insight into the lives of sporting professionals who have been outed, come out and stood out. Contextu- alising the recent history of lesbian and gay athletes and featuring interviews with trailblazers including Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Jason Collins, Brittney Griner, Billy Bean, and John Amaechi, Out To Win takes us into the locker-rooms of pioneers, aspiring and professional athletes from all over the world.

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followed by

Futuro Beach

BFF Beanbag Cinema. 7pm. Wednesday 29th July. £6.00

Love’s a beach

When Brazilian lifeguard Donato saves German biker Konrad from drowning, the pair immediately form a strong bond. Their passionate affair intensi- fies; Donato decides to leave his mother and younger brother Ayrton behind to start a new life with Konrad in Berlin. Far from the sun baked and wild Futuro Beach, Donato searches for a new identity
in the cold but vital German capital. A visual feast, the spectacular but treacherous Futuro Beach and the misty streets of Berlin, provide the backdrop to this vibrant film featuring an electrifying soundtrack including David Bowie and Suicide.

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and last but not least:


Moviehouse, Dublin Road. 7pm. Wednesday 29th July. £6.00

One summer can change everything…

For the teenagers of a dusty village somewhere in the Netherlands, everything is about to change.
Meeting up and cycling along the winding roads just doesn’t cut it anymore. In the shadow of the village’s power plant and under the summer sun, teenage angst, curiosity and kicks boil over as the burgeoning adults turn to cars, alcohol and each other’s skin to satisfy them.

Anne is one such teenager, caught up in the heat wave and spikes of puberty, we follow her journey across the sweltering summer months and her eyes, as they wander not over the boys but the girls.

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For the full programme for this year’s Pride Festival, click hereeflyer pride